SFSC Ice Skating Information

Southgate Figure Skating Booster Club (SFSBC)

We have a very active Skating Booster Club. We provide many fundraising opportunities to our members where you can earn Booster Dollars to help pay for your skating classes and Ice Showduring the year. Membership is $25.00 for those who participate in ALL THREE Sessions of classes.

Private Lessons

Most of our staff have private lesson availability for a range of prices. If you have any other questions about private lessons or specific coaches, you can speak with Jackie Timm or Lindsay Armos directly.


Each month your skater will receive a Figure Skating Club Newsletter that lets you know what is upcoming in the Club and in the building. Please make sure you read them! They are full of lots of useful information.

Makeup Classes

We do NOT offer any makeup classes if you have to miss any classes. In the case that we cannot hold classes due to building or weather related problems, we will do our best to reschedule those classes. If we have to cancel a class you will be notified via email if you have provided your email address, we will post it on our facebook page (Southgate Parks & Recreation) and it will be listed on our weather hotline at 734.258.3035 ext.4.

For More Information or questions call the Recreation Office at 734.258.3035 or email Jackie Timm at ms.j.timm@gmail.com