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The Detroit River has long served the United States and Canada as a vital transportation corridor and center for industries that helped forge the economies of both nations. As a result of this growth, the river and its ecosystem have paid a high price for human progress. Indeed, in our mind and in reality, most of what was natural in and around the Detroit River is gone. Yet special places exist alongside the concrete, steel, and groomed gardens of this vast metropolitan area, North America's only international wildlife refuge. A place where wildlife and humans can meet. Come and connect with nature!


Our Local Plants
Tuesday, June 28th 10am
Lions Park

This is a nature hike experience where we focus completely on the plant life around us. We’ll hike, explore, and identify as many of the plant species as we can wherever we hike. Then we can create our own field guide by making leaf rubbings with crayons.


Nature is Everywhere!
Saturday, July 23rd 10am
Southgate Nature Center

This is a program for anyone interested in learning about the nature and science around their local parks. We can bring binoculars and hand lenses and hike any of the outdoor spaces available while exploring the nature around us wherever we are! This is great for anyone who wants to learn a little bit more about the world around them.


Skulls and Pelts Science
Saturday, August 20th 10am
Cobb Park

Skulls and Pelts Science
Saturday, September 24th 12pm
Train Park

In this program we bring our collection of skulls and pelts and teach about local wildlife and their adaptations. We’ll discuss some of the differences between the skulls and what that tells you about the animals. We then finish up with a mask making craft of one of the animals we learned about.

COST: FREE ~ Please pre-register

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Nature Series

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