Mad Science Workshops

Mad Science's Mission is to spark the imagination and curiosity of children everywhere by providing fun, interactive and educational activities that instill a clear understanding of science and how it affects the world around them. Join us for our monthly workshops at Southgate Civic/Ice Arena.   These workshops are for ages 5-12. All workshops will be held in the Party Room off of Rink A. 


Thursday, September 22nd at 6pm

Get into gear with Agent Undercover and learn what it takes to be successful in the spy world. With the Undercover Observer™, that you will make and take home, you can step into the shoes of a spy in action.



Saturday, October 22nd 10am

Engross yourself in entomology! Inspect authentic insect specimens. Update your insect anatomy know-how. Match-up insects with their habitats. Get bug-eyed with the Insect-A-Vision kit™.



Wednesday, November 9th at 6pm

Got clues? Analyze clues and get hot on the trail of a culprit with the Crime Lab program. With the Spynoculars™ take home, you can safely observe clues from afar.



Thursday, January 19th at 6pm

Build your very own robot hand to take home in this class that focuses on technology. Explore how robots can be used to make our lives easier. Experiment with robots that can do some
extraordinary tasks, infrared robots, robotic arms and even soccer playing robots.



Wednesday, February 22nd at 6pm

Learn the science behind illusions, read minds, and perform a Houdini-style escape! Amaze and amuse friends and family with the Curious Cube™. It’s not magic—it’s science!*



Saturday, March 11th at 10am

Stick it to the walls and push the power of tape to the limits in this adhesive hour on things that cling! Build a bond with glue and get attached to Professor Beakerdude™.*

COST: $27/workshop or $140 for ALL 6 workshops


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Mad Science Workshops

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