Live Safe Academy, LLC is an approved Criminal Justice Training Provider by the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards.  Our experienced, dedicated staff consists of law enforcement officers, attorneys, military personnel, registered nurses, and professional educators and trainers.  All of our instructors are certified through nationally recognized organizations.  We specialize in the training of first aid, assault and crime prevention, unarmed force methods and the use of chemical defense sprays, sharp and impact weapons, Tasers, basic and advanced gun training and Concealed Pistol License workshops.

Fall Session: Sunday, November 13th
Time: 9:00am-3:00pm
Location: Southgate Civic Arena Banquet Hall
Ages: 9+

Learn to be safe and responsible. Build confidence. Have a competitive edge over other babysitters. Topics include: first aid, when and how to call 911, CPR with manikin practice, choking, dealing with difficult behaviors, basic care methods like feeding and diapering, marketing and much more! Students will also learn how to be safe and responsible when home alone, including the importance of not giving out personal information and what to do if somebody comes to the door. Students who successfully complete the course requirements will receive a certificate of completion for Certified Babysitter/CPR/First Aid course by Live Safe Academy.

Parents class will end between 2pm-3pm depending on when students complete the course requirements. Students need a lunch, snacks, and a cell phone (if they own one). Students will message you at lunch time to let you know what time to pick them up. Please check-in your student at the beginning of class. Drop-off and pick-up is in the classroom.

COST: $65

Babysitting/CPR/First Aid

Youth Programs